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Rio Linda Senior High School - Rio Linda, CA - Class of 1971

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Gromer, Larry
(Larry Gromer)

Originally written January 19, 2000
Last updated July 20, 2006




Many Years After Graduation...Attended Consumnes River College to take a course in Video Tape Editing. Also Attended National Broadcasting School which helped pave the way for my various broadcasting jobs in the area( Morning Show Host at KFIA AM710 and Commercial voice over work)...Pretty cool stuff for the most part. Oh, and I forgot....The School Of VERY Hard Knocks!

Love Life

In 1973 I married Kathy Larson (R.L. Class of 1972) We had a daughter (Michele Valiere) in 1975 and divorced in 1978. In 1979 I met (through a mutual friend) The Love Of My Life Patricia Miller (Luther Burbank Class of 1976) at a gathering after work and came to find out, she knew a lot of people from Rio Linda. They included Paul Perryman, Mavis Laverca, and My Ex-wife Kathy. After dating for awhile we engaged in December 1979 and married in March of 1980. Though separated for most of 2000, we are back together and as happy as ever. Working on 27 years now.


...Well, if you really want to know, you asked for it! I'm not going to bore you with all of the particulars but here's what I've done since graduation. I've sold shoes, worked at 4 different music stores in the area, been a car detailer,light mechanic, service manager, service advisor, Floor director, video camera operator, Media buyer, Producer/Director (produced over 2,300 Television spots for car dealer Cal Worthington...No I wasn't spot) also produced a few spots for the Roseville Gang, worked as a media buyer for another advertising agency, went back to National Broadcasting School, only this time as the schools Assistant Director, became the National Sales Manager for a Chemical company, sold advertising for the Dixon Tribune newspaper, Hosted a local morning radio talk show on AM 710 KFIA, Produced another Talk show at the same station, went into business for myself as an Independant Producer/Director, Produced several corporate image videos,Director Of Recreation At Thousand Trails,...Sshheeww! I worked a short while in Reno at JC Penney catolog distribution center before moving home to Sacramento and am now a branch manager for Advance America payday advance centers......You think there's a little A.D.D. at play here? Could someone get me a glass of water.......


Still play the Guitar. Had several bands after graduation include the popular Rock Band "Heat Street" in the mid Eighties and now with the "Rupert Duncan Band". We just finished recording two songs with Rock ledgend "Ronnie Montrose" and are working toward getting our 1st album out before mid 2007...(Takes a lot of Money to do it right) you can check us out at and also myspace (The Rupert Duncan Band). We do a blend of Rock and Country, or as we call it "Rock'in Country". I'm also the current Governor of the Rio Linda Moose and in my 2nd term. I'm also involved with the Moose Legion as the Financial Director and Moose District 4 Vice President. I leave pictures around the house so Pat (my beautiful wife) remembers what I look like.


...I've had a pretty interesting life to say the least, but the one thing I'm most proud of is my beautiful Daughter Michele Valiere. She's now a stay at home mom and a business woman after being an E.M.T. and ER tech at Sutter Rosville while driveing Ambulance for A.M.R. She's is married to former Auburn Fireman (Captain) Brian Wade currently a Sacramento Co. Sheriff working out of Rancho Cordova. My Granddaughter's and Grandson are the most perfect children on earth......Hey! I can say that if I want. Kaylin Valiere was born 8/29/95, Nicholas Edmond was born 2/1/01, and Abigail Maria born 1/8/2005. Being able to fly around on a corporate Lear Jet with Cal wasn't so bad either. Almost got my Private Pilots Licence but ran out of money.


I now live in Citrus Heights. I've lived in North Highlands, Carmichael, Sacramento, Reno, Kings Beach (Tahoe). and of course Rio Linda.

My Favorite Sayings

"Onward and Upward" "You Can't Un-ring a bell so be careful what you say" and "Cool...Very Cool!" AND "Git R Done"
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