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Rio Linda Senior High School - Rio Linda, CA - Class of 1971

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Patti Lee Klinke

Originally written April 12, 2000
Last updated April 16, 2000



Just 1- 12 and a Lot of just Living Life's Education. I'm Still learning.

Love Life

I married my high school sweet heart. But it was over before two years. Then I met my Air Force Capt. Bill Klinke who is from Edwardsville, Illinois and was stationed at Mather AFB. A Navigator on a B-52 just coming back from Viet Nam; he did 6 short tours. Bill Wined & Dined me, took me to places I had never seen before. Capt. Klinke was going to be stationed at Shreveport Louisiana, he went for two weeks for a Bombing competition. It is like the Air Force Super bowl. We missed each other a lot. So when the Capt. came back to Sacto. he ask if I would marry him. Bill asked my Dad if he could marry his daughter, and would he give his blessing? My Dad said yes. That was 25 years a go.


I'm just a house mouse. + Lt. Col. Officer's Wife duties!!! + Mom


Traveling to Sacto. to see friends. My Family has all passed away. I still feel that Sacto. is my home town. Bill & I go a week before Hot August Nights in Reno Nevada & volunteer to work, like last year we helped tie all those red shoe strings for the passes they put around there neck, 5000 of them, then we work the car check-in. Bill & I like greeting the car participants. You get to meet a lot of people, and have fun. Plus get to be inside where it is cool!!! Get to go cruising at night. We have a 66 Red Mustang. Working our way up to a Hot Rod. When Bill retires for the second time, we are going to travel, do car shows & see old Air Force friends and use our timeshares a lot more. The Klinke's have been to Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, 10 day Cruise of Mexico, Niagara Falls, Florida, Georgia before the 100 Olympic Games in 1996, got to see the athletes out shopping and eating, trying to get use to the Atlanta weather and all that humidity! I have got to see a lot of the USA being married to an Air Force man. From coast to coast and back plus a lot more… I liked it. I'm a Coca-Cola Collector & go to Coca-Cola Conventions, Teddy bears shows and plus do all the mom things Too!!! We go to the Cool River Nites car show the end of Oct. in Laughlin, Nevada; A very nice one. Plus a lot of local car show too. We have a good time at them. Oh yes I'm a net surfer.


Being a live! Marred 25 years, having one child when the doctor's said I couldn't have children. But before Mother's day of 1976 I seemed to have the flue that would not go away. December 30, 1976, Kimberly A. Klinke came. Born a southern Bell in Bossier City, Louisiana. Kimberly is 23. She Works for The Rays Group, is an Assistant Designer for Jimmy'z. Her clothes are at Mervyns. Bill retired from the Air Force as a Lt. Col. in 1985. His Air Force jobs has been the up grade of the B-52, the B-1, the Cruise Missiles. Those are his babies. Bill didn't think he would see the Air Force or the USA use the Cruise Missiles in his life time. He works for Northrop Grumman on the B-2 and working on things for 2015 + ??? He is a Project Manager of Avionics, in the Advanced Systems Division, they call it the black hole. Most of the time Bill can't tell me what he is working on. If he did he would have to shoot me. That is what I use to say to all the officers wives who thought they out ranked us, or the ladie that thought they out ranked their husbands. I can't believe I have his man!!! God has been good to us!!! I still have high school friends I see! Like Sue Cox Williams, and Terry Cox too! Some from the class of 1970, Jo Schafer Messner, and 1969, John Probstfield.


Cypress Ca. for 10 years. We live 6 1/2 miles from the beach, 6 1/2 miles from Knotts Berry farm, 6 miles from Disneyland. Before that we lived in Camera Park, Ca., Yorba Linda, Ca., Dayton, Ohio, Rome, New York and Bossier City, Louisiana. We loved Rome, New York, the fall season is so beautiful to see and it smells so good. The winter gets a lot of snow, it is so white and quiet. Watching the tulips & the daffodils pop up out of the snow and see them blooming in the snow is quite something. We lived in Bossier City Louisiana for six years. In Louisiana, it gets a lot of hard rain, big rain drops and big down poors! It was like stepping back in time in 1975 for this Calif. girl, no malls, but very green there with Fireflies, big bugs and creepy crawlers. We went through a big tornado in 1978; it was two blocks away from us. No electricity for days. Thank God that people were not killed in that tornado. And that Bill was home for it ...

Looking forward too

I'm looking forward to our 30 year Reunion. If you can, please do come to our next meeting. It will be June 16, 2000. Hope to see some of you there! Take care 1971 classmates
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