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Rio Linda Senior High School - Rio Linda, CA - Class of 1971

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Pat Randall

Originally written July 15, 2001
Last updated July 15, 2001


My Life

After graduating high school I worked at the Mansion Inn as a busgirl, waitress, housekeeper, and in the laundry for nine years. On my free time I just partied. When I was twenty eight I began working for Master Glass a stained glass company. I married my boyfriend of nine years, and had to quit work because the lead fumes we dangerous for the baby I carried. Eleven months after Ian Mack was born came David Mack. One year later I almost lost my life from internal bleeding. Then one year later came Daniel Mack. Needless to say my party days were over, but I'm grateful I could stay home with the kids.

When I was thirty five I went through a divorce and moved to Calaveras county. I was fortunate to find a turn of the century Victorian house in Valley Springs. It's been my home for the last eleven years. During that time I went though college to become a licensed nurse. For the last four years I've been working double shifts from 110-140 hours every two weeks.

My kids have been basically fatherless since birth, but they have grown to be good guys with good judgment. I'm very proud of my boys. I also have a boyfriend of two years. I keep my chocolate palomino at his ranch. I have a faithful loving dog I call Bubba. My goal for the future is to cut down on my bills so I won't have to work so much, and spend more time with my kids, boyfriend, dog and horse.

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