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Rio Linda Senior High School - Rio Linda, CA - Class of 1971

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Eleanor Ingram
(Eleanor Beach)

Originally written December 29, 1999
Last updated June 14, 2021



Graduated from Sacramento City College in January 1974 with an AA in Accounting. Graduated from California State University - Sacramento in May 1978 with an BS in Business Administration.

Love Life

I met my husband, Ron Ingram (a 1963 graduate of Hogan HS in Vallejo), on October 5, 1985, while I was out Country/Western dancing with a friend. We became engaged on Christmas Eve 1985 and were married on May 25, 1986.


I started working for the California Employment Development Department (EDD) as a Student Assistant in July 1972 while I was attending Sac City. I worked part-time until I transferred to Sac State in January 1974. At that point I decided to work full-time and go to school nights. It took longer to graduate but I was able to work my way up the employment ladder faster than if I had waited to finish school.

Over the past 30+ years, I've worked as a Student Assistant (1 1/2 years), an Accountant (2 years), and as a Tax Auditor. In fact, I spent several years traveling throughout the U.S. auditing employers who have workers in California.

Although still classified as a Tax Auditor, I have been working on various special assignments, instead of conducting audits, since 1987. For the past several years I have been analyzing state and federal legislation.


Prior to our marriage, I participated in several sports leagues (soft ball, volley ball, bowling) and went out Country/Western dancing most weekends. I even learned to ski at the age of 30.

I gave all of this up when I met Ron, whose major interest is auto racing. Not long after we were married, he bought his first 1/8 scale radio controlled race car. Before long he decided he wanted to compete so he got a 1/4 scale and we stared traveling to various tracks in California and Nevada for competitions. This led to go-carts and finally, a real "modified" race car that he ran at the Roseville Speedway and other northern California and Nevada tracks until 1996 when it was totaled. Luckly, Ron wasn't totaled along with the race car but we decided it was time to move on to something safer, which has turned out to be car owner instead of driver. In 1993 we purchased a new race car that Ron hopes to run in the 2004 Featherlite Southwest Racing Series (if he can find a sponsor willing to pay the expenses). Since our son, Brian, turned four in 1995, most of my activities have centered around transporting him to his activities. I'm now a karate mom (Brian earned his black belt in March of 1999, at the age of 7 1/2 and his second degree in October 2003, at age 12). Brian competed in the Tae Kwon Do Junior Olympics in 1998 & 1999. This is a national tournament held in July each year for children ages 6-17 who must first qualify to compete by taking first or second place in their state's regional tournament. Although Brian qualified to compete in his third Tae Kwon Do Junior Olympics in July 2000, in San Antonio, Texas, we were unable to attend.

I'm also a piano mom and a baseball mom (although his dad has decided to help with the transportation on this one). Transporting Brian to all of his activities gives me plenty of time to read while I wait for him to finish whatever he happens to be participating in each evening. With Jr. High homework we have had to cut back on some of the sports activities, no more soccor or gymnastics for awhile.


I have a loving husband, wonderful children and grand-children, a job I like, and a nice house in a good neighborhood. These may not be major accomplishments, but they are the things that make me happy.


I haven't strayed very far from Rio Linda, living in Citrus Heights from 1980 until 1987, when we bought our current residence in Antelope.

Family Life

In addition to my husband and our son, Brian Jacob, who was born on August 27, 1991, I have two wonderful step-children. The oldest, Jeanine, was married in June 1995. She and her husband, Terrence, live in Sacramento. They have a son (Colter) who was born on June 3, 1999, and daughter (Midori) born March 28, 2003.

Our older son, Michael, was married in January 1995. He and his wife, Kimberly, live in Pleasonton, Texas, and have a son (Nicolas) who was born on March 14, 1996. Nicolas graduated from the Texas Firefighter Academy in 2016 and is studying to get his EMT license so he can join the Pleasanton Fire Department where he currently volunteers.

With a loving husband, son, step-children, and grand-children life couldn't be better.


July 2011 Update: Wow, I can't believe I haven't updated this in 7 years. Well, the good news is that I am planning to retire at the end of October, 2011, after 39+ years of State service. I can hardly wait.

No more transporting Brian to activities. He's almost 20 and can get there on his own, although he still let's Mom ride along to watch him play baseball.

Well, Ron didn't find a sponsor so it cost us a fortune for him to have his toy until I convinced him to sell it. Of course, he had to have something to keep him busy so he got a 1967 Mustang to rebuild. It took several years but it looks great and he brings home trophies from most of the car shows he enters.

August 2016 Update: It's been another 5 years since my last update but retirement is keeping me busy. I don't know how I managed to work all those years.

Brian will be 25 this month and he still lets me go along to his baseball games. After playing at Sacramento City College he is now playing for various rec teams. Most weeks he plays 3 to 5 games with anywhere from 2 to 4 different teams.

April 2019 Update: Still loving retirement & keeping busy. Spending a lot more time with my sister, Marsha now that Ronnie and I are empty nesters. On a sad note, for those of you who new him, my brother, Gene Beach, passed away on November 16, 2018.

Brian is 27 & engaged to the most wonderful young lady. They just moved into the house they bought last month in Rio Linda, so not too far from me and Ronnie. With his new responsibilities Brian only has time for 1 baseball team so he found a job as a year-round baseball coach at an indoor baseball facility and another as the assistant strength and conditioning coach at Sac City College. We can't seem to get him off of the baseball field but at least he is doing something he loves.

December 2020 Update: After 33+ years living in a Tri-level house in Antelope we decided that all of those stairs were just to much for us so we bought a Ranch style house on 3/4 of an acre in Elverta. It took us a couple of months to remodel the new house before we could move in & another couple of months moving & getting the old house ready to sell but everything is finally finished. The Antelope house sold and we are almost finished unpacking boxes at the Elverta house.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic most sporting events were cancelled & the baseball training facility were Brian was working had to close down. So no more couching for a while. Brian landed on his feet however when he found a job as a home inspector. Because of the current housing market he being kept so busy that he wouldn't have time for any other activities anyway.

June 2021 Update:

Wow, how life has changed. Most activities have been curtailed but we did manage to fly to Texas in April to see our oldest grandson, Nicolas, get married & we will become great-grandparents just before Christmas. However, due to Covid-19 our youngest son, Brian, is still waiting until it is safe for his financee's family to fly from back east to California for his wedding. Hopefully, in October.

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