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Rio Linda Senior High School - Rio Linda, CA - Class of 1971

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Skaug, James
(James Skaug)

Originally written February 28, 2000
Last updated November 20, 2001




American River College with a degree in Social Science. CSUS with majors in Psychology and English and minor in Photography. Graduate, Glen Fishback School of Photography. Honorary Doctorate in "Speculative Fiction". Continued workshops and seminars through PP of A, PP of F. Continued education to this day for Microsoft Certification and in HTML, DHTML and JAVA languages and development. IBM & Mac. Troubleshooting.

Love Life

I Came close to getting married a couple of times over the years; (unwittingly, almost “married into the mob (Chinese Mafia)” - which made for an interesting experience, but that is another story), but each time, “wised up” just in the nick of time!

In 1979, however, some (former) friends set me up with a “joke” blind date. Being that, at that time, I seldom met or went out with anyone that was not in the modeling and/or photography business as I was, my "Blind Date" was thought to be quite a "joke on me" - to set me up with someone short and dark as opposed to someone tall and blond as I was used to in the trade. “Terry”, my "joke blind date", and I fell in love with each other literally "BEFORE" first sight - while speaking first on the telephone; and we decided to get married on our second date! Our "mutual" friends, were most upset - and that was the end of them! We have been together for over 22 years now.


Student Teacher, American River College. English, Psychology and Photography. Night School Teacher - English and Photography. Owner - “Olde Tyme" Portrait Studio Beale, Mather, and Travis AFB's - civilian owner and operator of Base Portrait Studios. Contracts with the Department of Food and Agreculture, Entomology Department - photographing "BUGS" for fun and profit. Brief stint (about a month) as Governor Jerry Browns personal photographer during his Presidential campaign. (I never actually photographed Jerry, just walked along side with he and his entourage through Capitol Park. I got laid off when the press found out that Jerry had put a “freeze on hiring" in every state office except his own - and my photographic position would jepordize his campaign!) Two years freelancing. Owner portrait studio - this time, in Modesto, Ca. Owner art gallery and frame shop - Modesto, Ca. Currently at Southern Arizona High School teaching an "Alternative Education" computer program for kids in trouble.

Freelance photography and retouching in Sacto. and Las Vegas briefly, until the end of 1991.

Retired early in 1992; while freelancing two days before our son was born, I had my back and neck broken in a freak accident (the freak dropped a load of Microwave Ovens on me)! I was forced to retire at that time – as 100 pound camera cases were too much for me to easily handle any longer; and sitting at an artists table, bent over like Quasimodo for hours on end or bent over behind a camera were, now, out of the question.

1993, Sumwhat recovered from my injuries. "Retirement" didn't work out too well, so I soon opened a small beverage and "Specialty Syrup" company that I still own.

1997, I “re-educated” myself, again, and went into Windows Troubleshooing/Consulting and the Web Design business, where I am today; specializing, mostly, in Golf Related sites. I also develop custom software for the Speech Impaired – specializing in the ALS and/or Stroke patient; and have a “point and speak” speech computer program being released soon - hopefully!

2000, Much to my surprise, I was offered a teaching and administrative position with a local High School and/or Grammer School. I took the Grammer School running the Computer Lab and still doing my Web Design, Troubleshooting/Consulting and Syrup businesses - teaching computer science and basics to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders as well - with Tuesdays being "In Service" days in which I "teach the teachers" in the afternoon. Summers involve teaching Computer Space and Science Camps.

2001 Teacher at Southern Arizona High School - teaching the "core" subjects to 9th through 12 grades to "troubled teens!" I still run my own "Troubleshooting" business on the side and handle several "online accounts" - of which I happen to be on right now updating this Bio under their name!


Up until my back injury, and our move to Arizona, we could often be found up on the slopes during ski season or in the summer time, prospecting on the American River or traveling to resorts in Jamaica or Mexico where my wife and I could snorkel – still two of our favorite places and favorite pastimes. We, still, do a lot of hiking, swimming, traveling, camping in our RV, snorkeling, reading, gourmet cooking, enjoy live theater and etc., as well as enjoy good wine, good times and good friends. Astronomy has become a favorite hobby - since we got involved with a local observatory and purchased our own "little Dobsonian!"

I still do some additional teaching/tutoring (I guess, once it gets into your blood…) in Tucson for ALS Patients and Stroke speech impaired. While in Green Valley, I teach a lot of elderly “computer first timers” how to use a computer. My oldest student, 99 years young, purchased her very first computer just last year - and has even added on a "Computer Room" to her Green Valley Villa. She's got guts!

I, still, enjoy an occasional commercial photographic job (again, it gets in ones blood), enjoy gourmet cooking and I write cookbooks and children's stories - Ever hear of "Maxi the Taxi"? Well, that's mine! And sometimes together, Terry and I collaborate on Children’s stories in our spare time – what little there is of it, that is! Often, she is trying out "her" stories in front of a "live audience" of children at the local schools.


My son is my/our greatest accomplishment - and best buddy! He just turned 8 years old, and is a Purple Belt in Karate/Jujitsu as well as being a professional model/actor. We hang out, a lot, at "Old Tucson Studios" - where Josh gets to perform, occasionally, in some of the shows with the “Saloon Floozies”. We’re going to have to watch that boy! Even "Old Dad" gets up on the stage occassionally!

Actual Accomplishments? Well, we have gotten to "hang" with a number of artists, celebrities and politicians over the years. I even, once, got physically "picked up" and "thrown" out of the state capitol by the Governor's “goons" and had the Governor of South Dakota act as "doorman" for me (now, there's two major accomplishments) - nope, it wasn't Jerry's goons! I even have the distinction of having a CA. Governor OWE ME MONEY! The S.O.B. wouldn't pay me after a job! He thought "dining with him" should be considered "payment enough!" I didn't even vote for the guy!

I guess, I have accomplished what people look for most in life - even though, I don't consider myself really "financially successful;" a soul mate, a great kid, retirement before age 40 (even though it was a hard way to get it), and travel. Plus, I get to have a second career and do what I enjoy and want to earn money; while doing it my own way, in my own time, without having to answer (too much) to anyone. And, I get to do it ALL from home!

"Today's" major accomplishment, was getting all this typed up and uploaded before the local telephone company could "bump" me again! The phone lines are awful out here!


Currently, we live in, what is still known by some, the "Wild West", on 1 acre, in a country suburb of the small, retirement community of Green Valley, Arizona – in one of the few “family” areas. We're right in the middle of the worlds largest Pecan Grove - only 40 minutes from Mexico and 20 minutes from Tucson. We can be within 20 minutes of mountains and the ski slopes (depending upon the time of year, of course), and/or can swim and sunbathe on Christmas day! We haven’t even lit our furnace yet this year! Or, we can have freaky things happen, like last year, and have it snow on us at Easter! The "Monsoon Season", out here, is something to behold! This area is a "Tropical/High" desert and known around the world for it's fantastic 360 degree sunsets - but our sunrises are just as spectacular. We're always up before dawn to watch them! We are, currently, looking for property in the nearby hills which to build.

Family Life

Terry and I have been together going on 23 years. Josh, our son, is 9 years old and together we are into many activities – scouts, astronomy, karate, acting, modeling, computers, rock hunting, dogs and photography, to name a few - he has become quite the little photographer himself. He has attended private schools for “gifted” children for the past few years and was able to, proudly, “belch” his own name at a very early age. Together, he and I gang up and TORTURE his mother with bad jokes, pranks and puns.

My wife, Terry, is the General Manager of a owners association for the areas, so called, "age restricted elite”; and, also, enjoys writing when she has the time.

I can be found most any day in front of tandem computers typing away and "battling" the phone lines!

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