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Rio Linda Senior High School - Rio Linda, CA - Class of 1971

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Charlene (Stinson) Kincaid
(Charlene Stinson)

Originally written January 17, 2000
Last updated June 1, 2011




After leaving Rio Linda Senior High I stayed in the area for one year. I was not sure what I wanted to do with my future. In July of 1972 I left California for Houston, Texas where I attended a private Christian College, Southern Bible College. I was there for 3 years receiving my Associate of Arts/general education, majoring in Psychology and working on my B.A. in my third year. Homesickness over took me so I returned to the good old Rio Linda for about 1 year. I moved to Redding, California where I have remained with my husband and 3 children.

Love Life

On October 9, 1976 I married Rod Kincaid in Anderson, California (Redding Area). We have now been married 33 wonderful years. He is the best. On January 16,1978 we had a son, Rodney Keith Kincaid Jr. Now 22 years old. He was married in July of 1998 and his wife Carrie is expecting our first grandchild in April. We are really excited. Rodney and his wife are full time Youth pastors/worship leaders at our church. Rodney is very talented in music, has written some great songs and is often asked to lead music and sing at other meetings. Our second child, Heather Anne was born September 9, 1980. She became Mrs. Austen Phillips in May of 1999. She works at a Local Bank and her husband is an electritian. She sings on the worship team at church and her husband is active in youth bible studies. They both are a great asset to our church. Last but her siblings would surly say not least is Holleigh Afton. She was born on November 14, 1986. She is now 13 and in the 8th grade. She is an honor student and very active in her social life at school. She too is talented and sings beautifully. AT 9 years of age she sang the song, "Roses will bloom again" at my fathers funeral. A brave little girl she is. Holleigh Afton became Mrs. Chad Engel on September 10, 2005. She and her husband are very active in our church. The teach the childrens bible study on Wednesday night. We are happy to have Chad as one of our own.


My husband Pastors a church in Anderson, California. I Guess it was only fate that I marry a minister since my father was a pastor also. We have a wonderful church that is growing quickly and we are excited about all the things that God has done in our lives. We have many out-reach ministries to our community. I never finished my education and the psychology that I took in college only helped me in raising our children. I opened a store in Cottonwood, California a small town close to Anderson in the summer of 1988 when our youngest was only 1. She went to work everyday with me until she started school. What a pleasure. The name of the Store is Kincaid and Company. Come see me.

Just a quick up-date. On January 21st I had a fire in my store and lost about 1/2 of my inventory. It could have been worse. Needless to say I did not have insurance. I guess you might say that common sence is not one of my best attributes. I will be re-opening my store around the end of February. At least I have gotten a simi-resting time.

My store is doing very well. It have mostly womens clothing, with gifts and etc...I don't manufacture everything but I have designed some items and sell them there. It keeps me busy.


My activities include spending alot of time with our children and the people of our church. We have something going all the time. If it is not the Basketball League in the Church gym, it is Bible study or some sort of dinner or getting clothing ready for some needy family. My life is never in want of something to do. We are constantly busy. I try to spend as much time with my mother as I can. My folks moved up here about 10 years ago. It is great to have her close.

Every Friday night we feed the homeless in the downtown Redding park. We have been doing this for 3 years. I cook for them everyweek. The first of the month we only feed about 75 but the end of the month we have fed as many as 250. I love it. They always tell me it is great food but they are just hungry and would love just about anything.HAHAHA


I guess that I might say my greatest accomplishments are, staying married to the man I love for 33 years and successfully raising 3 great kids. They have never given us any trouble. Rodney graduated 7th in his class and when he wasn't playing football, wrestling or baseball, he was busy with the youth group at church. Heather graduated with honors also. She played vollyball and softball and was quite the social butterfly. Holleigh has been on the honor roll since starting Junior High and stays active with sports and friends. She is not quite as athletic as her older siblings but makes the team because her coaches love her wonderful personality. She is quite the charmer. If I seem a little proud, I am.

Update: Our youngest will be a senior this fall. I can hardly believe that. It is now 2003 and where has the time gone. She is a great student and plans to go to college after graduation. I am not looking forward to the empty nest...Neither is her dad. We both like having her around.

It is now 2005 and we do have an empty nest. Rod and I both cried for about 3 weeks before Holleigh got married. We are happy for her but life is so short and everything has to change.


We have lived in Cottonwood (Redding Area) for the past 15 years. Not in the same house but in the same sub-division. We have built 3 houses here. It is a small town but we love the country living and the closeness of the people. Come see us sometime.

We have just completed our 4th house in the same subdivision. We sold our last house and now my mother lives with me. It is great having her close.

New Accomplishment

I am now the proud Grandmother of a 7 pound 6 ounce 20 inch darling little boy. Rodney Keith Kincaid III. He is really a blessing. Born April 7, 2000... Just a quick note. We are having so much fun with this little boy. He is wonderful. As most of you know, my father was a minister and for several generations on both sides we have ministers. When this little guy was born the Doctor came out and told us, Well we have another preacher for the family. That would be great. There is no greater calling than that.

March 1, 2001...We have another blessing. 8 pound 3 ounce adorable little boy. Parker Chandler Phillips. He is a truly a keeper. I love being a grandmother. I keep Rodney at my store on Thursdays (and any other time I can get him) and I will be keeping Parker when his mama goes back to work 3 days a week. It is not a job. We have a great time.

March 29,2002...Yet another blessing. Rodney has a little sister. 6 pounds 5 ounce precious little Rylei Grace... She has definately won the hearts of her family. We get to keep her a couple of days now that her mother has gone back to work.

April 9, 2003...Still another blessing. Parker has a little sister now Kayten Ashten Phillips 7 pounds 10 ounces. What a little sweetie. She looks just like her older brother. Of course he thinks that she is wonderful. I won't be keeping her as often because mama is not going back to work. She and Carrie our daughter in law have both quit their jobs and plan to be stay at home moms. What a wonderful life...

June 21, 2005...And the blessings keep coming. Raegan Analei became the little sister to Rodney and Rylei. This little one has stolen our hearts too. She loves her NaNa... and I am happy about that.

September 8, 2006...Presten Cooper Phillips. WoW What a sweetie. It is so wonderful having these little people wrap their lives in our arms and love us unconditionally. Presten is the love of his papa's life right now. Of course he is the youngest baby so he gets alot of the attention.

August 4, 2008...Jaxon Ryder Engel was born to our youngest daughter and her husband, Holleigh and Chad Engel. He is so adorable. All the cousins love him and want to hold him all the time. Our hearts just keep enlarging, making room for these precious little ones.

May 10, 2011...Miss Ellie Brooklyn Engel arrived - just a bundle of Love. SHe has captivated all of our Hearts. So so so sweet. We are all fighting over her. She most likely will complete the Grandchildren list for Papa and I.

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