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Rio Linda Senior High School - Rio Linda, CA - Class of 1971

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Wallin, Janis (Potter)

Originally written January 18, 2000
Last updated March 22, 2001



Didn't return to school until moving to Monterey in 1976. Took a few business/accting classes. Not even close to getting a degree. When I returned to Sacramento in 1984 I began taking on-site courses offered through the State to satisfy promotional exams. Currently attending school again and believe me it's harder than I thought to get back into. I am regreting every minute of it. Not really learning anything useful and it won't help me in my job. Should take photography or something like that.

Love Life

Married Clint Walker (RLHS Grad 71) in 1972. We were married eleven years and divorced in 1983. Stayed friends (even though there were good and bad times) until he passed away. He is missed much by his daughter and grandson. We had a beautiful daughter, Mira Lynn, who is twenty-four. Looks a lot like her father. She has given me two beautiful grandchildren. Richard, 8 yrs., and Aryana, 18 mths. She will also give another beautiful daughter in June, 2001. Married again in 1984 but he was much younger than me so it only lasted about 6 months. Married again in 1989 and this time it lasted three years. Met my current and fourth husband and married in 1995. No other children of my own but I have three step-children. Two boys ages 18 and 20, Kasey and Nick. and a girl, Kesia, age 12. Nick is now married and his wife is expecting their first child around June of 2001. They all currently live in Nebraska.


Started with the State right out of high school at Dept of Parks & Rec on a limited term basis. Worked as a waitress when that ended. Received a position with DMV until I went to Germany. Worked in the NCO club accounting office. Returned from Germany in 1975 and was reinstated with DMV. Went to Office of Procurement until I moved to Monterey in 1976. While there I bartended and cocktailed until receiving a position at a residential heroin detox/methadone facility. Left there when I was offered a position with the City of Monterey. Worked for them until moving back to Sacramento in 1984. Worked as a bookeeper for an electrical contractor until being hired by the City in the Mayors office. Worked there until receiving a position with EDD in 1985. Quit the State in 1989 and worked part-time as a cashier at the commissary at Mather Air Force Base. Starting work for a local trucking company from 1990 to 1992. Received a job with Dept of Food and Ag until 1994 when I transfered to the Dept of Social Services. Have now been with them for seven years. Got my last promotion and working on my Associate Admin Analyst. Hopefully within the year.


Am an avid camper and fisherman. Played baseball until the eyes and knees went. Still love the game, just can't play competitive anymore. Have a life-time membership with Good Sam and RPI parks. This is probably good since we live full-time in our fifth-wheel. Makes it great when we take off because we never forget anything. Currently looking to upgrade our RV. We have since upgraded our boat but the RV is still in the process. I am a Kings fan and Nebraska Husker fan. Never miss a NASCAR race and hope to see as many as I can in person. Like NHRA and have been to a few.


My daughter and grandchildren are the loves of my life. Have a great marriage. Guess fourth time around is lucky. Don't look too disgusting and old (course you'll never see me first thing in the morning or on really lazy weekends) I'm in good health. So what else is there


Moved out of Rio Linda when I married Clint. Lived in the north and south area several times. Lived in Pebble Beach, Seaside, Monterey and Pacific Grove the seven years I was in that area. Lived in Germany for approximately three years and also lived on Mather Air Force Base. (It's sad to see the housing go, I enjoyed it there). As you can tell I am an expert at packing and moving. Maybe that's why I now live in my RV.
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