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Rio Linda Senior High School - Rio Linda, CA - Class of 1971

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Sheila Brooks

Originally written July 4, 2001
Last updated July 4, 2001



I left Rio Linda a year early to get an early start at college. I graduated from Sacramento City College in 1972 and moved on to State. I got a little sidetracked there by marriage in August 1973. I then entered the Air Force in 1974 for a whole different kind of education. I continued attending colleges as I moved around in Florida, Massachusetts, West Germany, and Washington. I finally received my B.A. in accounting from the University of New York, Albany through their the Regents Program. They consolidate your class and award the degree. I figured with 164 units I should finally graduate although I never did get to wear a cap and gown.

Love Life

I married Reginald L. Smith in August of 1973. He was in the Air Force. I had planned on going into the Marines but love changes things and I joined the Air Force. We went out separate ways in 1977 but have been able to maintain a friendship over the years. I married Isaac W. Johnson, Jr., on January 1, 1979. He was my best friend and has remained so. We're very different but have a remarkable amount of things in common. And, there is the 23 years and counting of history going on.


I've worked as a secretary, printsetter, bookkeeper, tax preparer, accounting manager, and of course those four years in the Air Force. I'm currently a Technical Reviewer for the Franchise Tax Board. I just moved into the position last month. I've been with the State for 11 years this month. Most of the time was spend as an multistate auditor which basically means I got the State to pick up the tab for trips to New York City, Baltimore, Seattle, Dallas, etc., as long as I worked during the day. I loved it. I'm a firm believer that you should not stay in a job you don't love...lifes to short. And, it sure makes it easier to get through those ten hour days if you like what you're doing.


I love to travel. I would like to see the whole planet. In the four years I lived in Germany, I only missed getting to Scotland, Ireland, East Germany, Sweden, and Portugal. I've been through 46 of the 50 states and plan to make it 47 by going to Alaska next summer. I got a long ways to go but we have another 30 years to do so.

Most of my regular energy is expended on my family. I did not have any children but with four brothers I have: 8 nieces, 3 nephews, 14 greatnieces, 5 greatnephews, and 1 great-greatnephew. Most holidays are at my house. Currently, I'm arranging my parent's 50th Anniversary party for August 5th, 2001. With my Mother being the youngest of 12 and my Father one of nine I have plenty of relations to keep be busy right here in the Valley. Oh, I do have two stepdaughters, a 5-year old granddaughter and a 3-month old grandson.


By the grace of God I woke up this morning. I have tried and managed to bring a smile to someone's face everyday. Life has had it storms but it has been good to me overall. I have managed to get through these years without intentionally hurting anyone and keeping my family proud of me. I can't ask for more. We must remember to count our blessings...they will outweigh our troubles.


We moved into Roseville from Antelope last August. We still working on the backyard, window coverings, and just making a house into a home. We had guests on and off since day three in the house. Currently, my 31-year old stepdaughter (Kendra) and her 5-year old daughter (Zoe) are living with us. They have decided to make the move from Virginia to California and start a new life. We had Zoe for the Christmas holidays. We think she convinced her Mother she needed to moved to California and be with all her cousins.
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