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Rio Linda Senior High School - Rio Linda, CA - Class of 1971

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Elizabeth Forrester Svatos

Originally written October 7, 2005
Last updated October 18, 2005



High School Graduate- Obviously University of Nebraska-Still working on an undergraduate degree. Currently, in the baccalaurate program at Clarkson College, educational partners with The Nebraska Medical Center and University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Love Life

Married for 32nd years. Met and married my husband when we were both in the U.S. Navy in Bainbridge, Maryland. We were married 11 yrs. before we were blessed with the birth of our only son and only child, John Svatos. Who just celebrated his 21st birthday.

I would be remiss if I left out our precious dog Buster! Buster is a small Boston Terrier. He's like the second child I never had. Buster is 11 yrs. and still acts and looks like a puppy.


Here are the chronological facts. U.S. Navy- 3yrs (I'm proud to be recognized as a Vietnam Era Veteran). Dental Surgical Assistant specializing in Endodontics for approximately 14 yrs- Omaha, NE. Business Manager nealy 10 yrs. in a private medical oncology / hematology practice for 5 physicians at the Nebraska Methodist Cancer Center- Omaha, NE. Switched career fields, and became Marketing Director for a local architectural firm - which gave me the opportunity to use my computer skills in graphic design and proposal writing. I found I missed the healthcare environment and decided to go into health care education. I have continued throughout my working career to take college courses and specialized training. I eventually was selected for my current position as the Director of Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support for Clarkson College and The Nebraska Medical Center. This is my current position, perhaps, my last place of employment. It will be 5 years as director and I LOVE IT! Every so often I have to chuckle to myself to think that I have the responsibility of having a staff of 9 instructors, and get this, me supervising, the training of the University of Nebraska Medical Center medical students, residents, all allied health and nursing students, as well as all of the students at Clarkson College. I'm very blessed to have this opportunity.


Well, I still stay as active as possible since graduating from high school. I just finished walking in the annual Corporate Cup Run for the American Lung Association. It's a metro area event every September. I walk a ton every week. I control adverse symptoms of my diabetes.

Outside of other athletic accomplishments I won't bore you with I try to stay involved in a variety of activities.


Oh, if I would have scrolled down in the bio template, I would have seen this section of accomplishments. Before I go any further, I want to sincerely recognize my marriage and my son as my greates accomplishment.

Here are the others, starting from high school. I was female athlete of the year in my freshman and senior year. And sophmore athlete of the year in my sophmore year. (I decided to list these because I don't get a chance to tell anyone this very often. Thanks for humoring me.) I walked 25 miles, 18 miles and other various walks and runs over the years. I won the Women's Singles in the Hastings, NE Tennis Tournament Open.

I was honored with the college's Presidents' highest award with the Distinguished Service Award. I was also honored with the American Heart Associations' Exemplary Service Award. One of my greatest honors was to portray Mary Mother of Jesus in my churches living nativity. This experience really gave me the chills. No really. You try striking a still pose for 1/2 an hour at a time in 30 degree weather. But I had two angels, Joseph, three Wise Men and the baby Jesus to warm my heart.


From Bainbridge, Maryland during my military service, I've lived in Hastings, NE and in Omaha, NE since 1976. Omaha is a great place. Bring it up on the internet sometime.


Life has been interesting to say the least since high school. It has been wonderful and very, very, painful as well. I've had my gall bladder removed, two extensive foot surgeries, diabetes and currently and an unknown illness for the last 4 years which has been difficult to deal with. I don't tell you this for sympathy.

As I celebrate each birthday, I am more and more appreciative of what I have been blessed with, a husband who I admire and respect tremendously, a wonderful son and family I would not trade for anything.

But I love to laugh. I love to laugh with my friends and co-workers. What makes us all laugh are the stories I tell about myself. I have said and done , some really dumb things. I.e. I thought L.A. Law the TV serious was La Law (La meaning "The" in spanish). Unfortunately, I was in a social setting with a group of attorneys when I was re-capping the previous nights TV episode when one of the attorneys asked me if I was referring to L.A.!

Yeh, I can bring tears with laughter with the kind of stuff I've done and live to tell about it.

The point is I try and find the positive side of things and the good in people. I love to see people smile and laugh. It makes me feel better knowing that people feel better about themselves after they realize there someone that's more naive or just dumber than them.

I most likely will not be at the next reunion. But I wish you all happiness and good health. I'll try and send you an updated picture. My high school picture has got to go.

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