Roger's remarks at the Saturday banquet

If they had a category for it, you could look in the senior yearbook and find me under "least likely to organize a high school reunion." But somehow, I found myself doing just that. But I couldn't have done it alone, and I'd like to acknowledge the folks who have also worked hard to make this a success.

First, we have Kathy Williams Leonard, who although she joined us late in the game, rallied and help out a lot with the decorating for tonight's banquet.

Next is Peggy Kenyon, who has helped a lot in the planning, and also worked wonders for this room with all the great black and gold balloons.

Shirley Dyer Breckinridge came up with some very nice centerpieces and the shields here at the front of the room.

Terry Cox, along his wife Becki, attended most of the committee meetings and provided very valuable input into the planning process, plus help out with the registration last night and tonight.

But I don't think that without the help a cooperation of the next three women, things would have worked out as well as they have.

Patti Lee Klinke traveled several times from LA to make our committee meetings, found this great facility for us, and worked the phones and e-mail to nudge a few folks into attending. I didn't even know Patti back in High School, but I think we're good "buds" now.

Linda Best Courter endured dozens of e-mails and phone calls from me as I fed her potential contacts, and she spend many hours on the phone helping to locate lost classmates. Many of you are probably here tonight due to her efforts.

And finally, my wife Cece, who has spent the last couple of years wondering if I was ever going to be with her again. Her gift from me is me (at least until the next project rolls around...)

I'd like to take some time now to remember our "Fallen Knights." Would you please stand in silence to honor those I name who are no longer with us:
Larry Acosta
Sandra Bird Broome
Jerry Burleson
Steven Charters
Rocky Fleming
Randy Fletcher
Calvin Kaufman
John Klotz
Timothy McDonald
Laura Melton Warrick
Bruce Morris
Tony O'Neal
James Schreindl
Steven Serrano
Phillip Skates
James Speer
Mary Ann Turner Owens
James Vickers
Mercy Villa
Clint Walker
Rudy Zupanic

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