Reunion: Class of 79 30th REUNION!

Hey all you former Knights,

Mark your calendars for SAT AUG 22nd, 2009!

Lionsgate Hotel
3410 Westover Street
Sacramento, CA 95652

Fri Aug 21st - Social at 8pm
Sat Aug 22nd - 30th Reunion - Club Ballroom 6:30pm to Midnight
Sun Aug 23rd- Family Picnic at Laura Corrys "Oak Fairy Glen" 12 noon

Live Band: "Chill" will be entertaining us! (recently played Chris Weber Retirement Party) okay, I begged...
Event is $60 per person (Includes dinner, Photo CD, 5 x 7 group photo and our awesome band!)
30 rooms blocked for 1 or 2 nights at preferred rate of $99. Use code: RIO1979

We need to know who is coming so we can accommodate everyone and plan for the event. PLEASE RSVP ASAP. Updates available on

See you there!
Donna Barnett
Michele Bastian
Barb Braninburg 
Laura Corry
Cheri Diffie 
Stacey Donsing
John Emerick
Deb Fox
Shirley Halverson
Judy King
Barb Klein
Deb Majores
April Spears 

The Rio Linda High School Class of 1979 held our 25th annual reunion in Sacramento from August 20-22, 2004. A great time was had by all. Please visit the picture gallery and stay tuned to this website for descriptions of the event.

Contact us with any information on missing alumni, or changes in addresses so we can keep current until our next get-together.

Please keep in touch, check here often for updates, and if we don't run into each other before, we'll see you in 2009!

Please send your current address, phone number, and email address to, Judy (King) Salas at or Mike Carlson at .

When you send your contact info, please indicate if you wish it held as confidential, or if it is ok to compile it on a list to share with our classmates. WE WILL NOT PERMIT THE LIST TO BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

The Rio Linda Class of 1980 has announced its 25 year reunion for August 27, 2005. Class of 1979 grads are also invited.

Missing Alumni

Wanted: Missing Alumni. If you know the whereabouts of anyone on this list, please send an email to
Missing in Action (Name in School)
Adams, Annette
Alexander, Rodney
Anderson, Bernard
Anderson, Ken
Anderson, Sheila
Andrade, Mauricio
Anspach, Kathy
Aronis, Joseph
Artrip, Becky
Baker, Harvey
Baldwin, Denise
Ball, Gaila
Bartley, Eldon
Bennett, Rhonda
Bent, Shelly
Berryhill, Mary
Betz, Tony
Blake, Keith
Blake, Roger
Bloxham, Rhonda
Bomgardner, Eric
Bonham, Richard
Britton, Chris
Brooks, Carolyn
Burleson, Les
Burns, Rebecca
Bush, Sondra
Carnelison, Robert
Chavarria, Mary?
Coker, Tom
Comer, Angie
Conn, Ray
Cook, Ricky
Cramblit, James
Cribins, Curtis
Crider, Kimi
DeBerry, Sandra
DeClusin, Patrice
Delosier, Joyce
Elkins, Kevin
Etter, Ken
Fernandez, Julian
Folena, Becky
Forsyth, Gordon
Fraley, Maxine
Franco, Patsy
Gates, Richard
Gilham, Mike
Gillon, Irene
Gladden, Beckie
Glassel, Diane
Gluvers, Laura
Gomes, Glen
Gorman, Robert
Gossett, Mark
Grant, Mary
Gray, John
Green, Rex
Gums, Russel
Haddock, Wayne
Hall, Randy
Hallem, Patrice
Harris, Jay
Hauser, Mark
Hegel, Debbie
Henry, Marie
Hensley, Sandra
Henson, Tom
Heyer, Roger
Hicks, Cynthia
Hiler, Jeff
Hill, Marla
Hobson, George
Hoffman, Richard
Holguin, Irene
Hollcroft, Ben
Holt, James
Hopper, Roger
Ison, Matt
Jones, Ron
Just, Angela
Kantola, Laura
Kerr, Kimberly
Killian, Monica
King, Bill
Krezman, Geoff
Lampman, Kevin
Laun, Gloria
Lehman, Don
Leroux, Hurchell
Linville, Dave
Little, Shelli
Lowney, Joe
Lysinger, Loren
MacAuley, Susan
Marler, Allen
Martinelli, Richard
Master, Steve
Mathews, Debbie
McDermott, Cindy
Miller, James
Miller, Jennifer
Miller, Robert
Miller, Vickie
Millwee, Tim
Moorhead, Lesa
Naves, George
Nell, Tim
Nelson, Glenn
Newman, Mark
Parra, Sylvia
Payne, Tina
Pease, Denise
Penick, Debbie
Perkins, Bruce
Peterson, Ronald
Piroutek, Donald
Pirtle, Susan
Powell, Doug
Proctor, Lonna
Purdy, Judith
Reed, Cindy
Reynolds, Michelle
Rice, Mark
Riddle, Craig
Roach, Jody
Romo, Diane
Sequieira, Pete
Seriva, Rose
Serrano, Michael
Sgheiza, Jim
Sharp, Zora
Shear, Donna
Shepard, Lyle
Shores, Barry
Shubert, Tammy
Sigstad, Laurie
Simmons, Steve
Sloan, Dwain
Smith, Frank
Stephens, Mark
Stevens, Robert
Stroud, John
Stufflebeam, Art
Taylor, Debbie
Thomas, Patricia
Thomas, Stephanie
Tiner, Ron
Tramel, Don
Tran, Lily
Trend, Bryan
Vaughn, Rose
Wagner, Margaret
Waite, Debi
Walter, Barry
Weatherford, Thelma
Weber, Kelly
Webster, Linda
Weir, James
Welsh, Russell
Whipple, Judy
Whitaker, Warren
Whittenburg, Eddie
Wilcox, Don
Wilcox, Lonnie
Wilkinson, Allen
Williams, Gary
Williams, Mark
Williams, Tom
Wilson, Kelly
Winslow, Tim
Winton, Clarese
Yandell, Brenda

In Memorium

Becky Acosta
Shari (Delozier) Cassesse
Linda Davis
Susan Devereaux
Rick Holt
Terri Pata (1975)
Update: Terri's murder has been solved. Her killer was ID'd on a DNA match in May 2004
Kelly Reid
Sylvester, Mike (2006)
Pete Swierkowski (1984)
Brian Van Leer

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